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Great app!

Awesome app to improve your vocab...loved it!!!

Great app

Great app. I like to play it when I need a timely distraction from work, school, etc. And unlike social media sites, it actually helps me learn something. Highly recommended.

help a lot

this app has understandable and interesting definitions!


Awesome app. Thanks to developers.


Very useful.

Educationally addictive

Whether prepping for an exam, trying to better acquire the English language or wanting to understand all those big words from classical novels, this app will help do all that while occupying your free time in a manner thats both constructive and enjoyable


Intelligent engine driving the app, great interface, attractive design to make this a tool worth using. Enjoying it and worth the cost

The best words memorizing app ever

I use this app for enlarging my vocabulary. One function I love is that when you find a word, you can just slide the card and then see different but form-similar words. I am a non-native speaker, so hopes this app can help me to make some progress in my English.


Very convenient if you need to make yourself appear linguistically competent when someone uses a word that you dont quite understand and need to do a quick search of the said word.

This app is a disgrace to Allah

This app is a waste of three dolllers and I dont lyke it. It makes my brain sad. Kill it with fire. Its a waste of brain cells and time. Dont do it my dudes. Its really bad and makes no sense what so ever.

Best English learning app ever!

Yes I mean it


Its way awesome!


Repeats till you remember your word.

Best tool for learning vocabulary

Very scientific way to learn new words and it makes learning interesting yet challenging. Once you are introduced a new word, the repetition in different context makes higher retention.

Online Differences than App

I love this app and vocabulary.com, I just dont like how you can make your own list on the online version but you cant with the app.


I have found the program to be very helpful and challenging for building vocabulary, especially where words have different shades of meaning.

Memorable definitions

Easy to understand and memorable definitions. Very simplistic and intuitive app.

A Great Tool!

Very easy to use and a great way to build ones vocabulary. The app gives several definitions of each word. Therefore, you really learn the word and not just one simple definition. You can use existing lists or build your own. I used it with my junior high school class to help prepare for tests. Highly recommend!

Great for word lovers

This is a fantastic app; definitely worth your time.

Love this App!

I would recommend this to anyone! Its fun & you learn new words with Word of the Day! Definitely a winner!

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