Vocabulary.com App Reviews

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Well worth it

Worth purchasing! Highly recommended


Enjoy the games; fun to learn new words!


Its a great app for English learners!!


Very useful.


Awesome app. Thanks to developers.

Great vocab builder

I love this app! I have adhd which makes it hard to recall words which are a essential to use for essays in school. It is a great app for anyone! Definitely worth the money

Vocab.com Brilliant App !!!!

I use this app to review GRE vocabulary in preparation for my exam. The app makes it easy to learn words with their great definitions and makes it easy to learn through their Play portion where they test you on your word list in different formats. In short, best app out there. Very useful


Best vocabulary app Ive ever had! It totally helps me learn a lot of vocabulary .great



Great app to explain words but need to improve input performance

It is a great app for people to get a word clearly, the best part of it is they devise a situation to let you know the meaning of the word not just explanation in the dictionary. But it would be better if there is a "cancel" button or "x" button especially you want to correct your input when looking up some words.

Best app to learn vocabulary

It has many tools to help you learn vocabulary you want to learn and a great number of examples. Also a great game to help keep you engaged and make sure you learned your desired vocabulary. The reason I gave it four stars is because not every vocabulary word you want to learn is able to be placed in the learning tools.

Way more fun than Ruzzle

More meaningful and challenging way to pass some time.

help a lot

this app has understandable and interesting definitions!

Perfect vocab app

Wouldnt change a thing. Wonderful!

Great app

Great app. I like to play it when I need a timely distraction from work, school, etc. And unlike social media sites, it actually helps me learn something. Highly recommended.

Great app!

Awesome app to improve your vocab...loved it!!!

Improving quickly!

I like the way the app forces me to use a word in multiple ways and I can add words I want to learn to my list.

Love this App!

I would recommend this to anyone! Its fun & you learn new words with Word of the Day! Definitely a winner!

Great for word lovers

This is a fantastic app; definitely worth your time.

A Great Tool!

Very easy to use and a great way to build ones vocabulary. The app gives several definitions of each word. Therefore, you really learn the word and not just one simple definition. You can use existing lists or build your own. I used it with my junior high school class to help prepare for tests. Highly recommend!

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